Personalised Software Solutions

25+ Years experience
Android and embedded systems development a speciality.
C/C++ C# .NET Java MySQL PHP JavaScript Python MicroPython



Sega / Creative Assembly

GE Heathcare


Whzan TeleHealth

Open Source


I am self-motivated, experienced and flexible person with a wide range of programming skills. I have been writing software for over 25 years with my first reviewed and released product in 1993. I have more than 7 years experience with the Android platform where I have worked on a lot of different applications and games. In my spare time I enjoy working on my own projects that have been made Open Source, most of these centre around the Raspberry Pi.

I am an expert in C/C++ and have a good knowledge of C++11, C#, Java, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. I also have assembler experience with Intel, PowerPC, and Arm architectures as well as some more obscure embedded processors. I am experienced in porting software from many different and unrelated platforms and maintaining multiple platform targets as well as working with DirectX and OpenGL ES. This has given me a strong knowledge of 3D graphics principles.

Over recent years I have built up a good understanding in Linux and it's tool chain, this also includes many years working on Arm based embedded systems running Linux. My time working at TomTom has given me a very good understanding of mission critical software running on a constrained hardware platform.


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